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  Status: Sanctuary

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Age: 21
Solar (JC Solarplex)'s Story

Solar, a former race horse, came to HiCaliber as an emaciated, depressed horse who found himself needing exit from the shelter. UPDATE: He is now fat and happy. Despite being a bit jiggy and herd bound on trail, he transforms into an awesome baby sitter here at the ranch. A kid/beginner safe horse in the arena and at the ranch. He requires a low dose of previcox every-other-day to stay sound and is just a joy to be around. Solar was one of the few horses that didn't know adjust quickly when HiCaliber moved ranches, and we realized he would probably not fare well in being moved to a new adopter's property. It's been decided to make solar a part of our Compassion Ambassador program and give Solar sanctuary at HiCaliber.