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            Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 16.1

Age: 22
Warp (JC Registered)'s Story

Warp came to HiCaliber as part of a large-scale neglect case when Fallen Horses "Rescue" abandoned their herd and left them to starve. She was a winning racehorse with earnings exceeding $200,000. Warp was also the most severely starved of the horses we rescued from Fallen and had a maggot-infested wound in her shoulder.

UPDATE: A few days after her arrival, and in the middle of a news story being filmed, Warp went down and was too weak to get up. After a frightening touch and go night, afraid we were losing our girl, Warp stood up. She wasn't done!

She began to slowly put on weight and her shoulder continued to heal. A few months after her arrival, her body expelled a large chunk of wood that had been embedded in her shoulder. (We later learned that the rescue burried wooded railroad ties in the stalls, for reasons unknown.) Three months after her arrival, Warp was medically cleared to leave the barn and join the herd!

She's assumed her rightful role as Queen of the herd and is continuing her rehabilitation.