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  Status: Adopted

Breed: Thoroughbred 

Height: 16.1

Age: 17
Titan (JC Quoted)'s Story

Titan came to HiCaliber as part of a large-scale neglect case when Fallen Horses "Rescue" abandoned their herd and left them to starve.

Update (03/31/2016):

Titan has been working IT out with Maloree Hanks of MMM Equestrian.  Below is her latest update on him and his progress!

"Three words come to mind- Tall, Dark and Handsome! Titan is a drop dead gorgeous 16.1 hand OTTB that is bay with lots of chrome. His trot is a dream, this gelding screams "HUNTER PONY"!!!

Titan came from the Fallen Herd and is flourishing. He has more whoa then go, we are currently teaching him that he can go forward and have fun doing it! We have taken a step back to the basics and he is doing great. Solid ground manners and a total goof ball. I have never seen a horse have so much fun with a jolly ball in my life. Stands like a gentleman while you are mounting him. I am very excited to see what this guy becomes, I am positive in no time we will be schooling small fences. He needs a intermediate to advanced rider. Only reason being he can be a bit goofy and if he thinks he can get his humans goat, he will. He needs structure and love. Who knows...maybe after training he will be the perfect beginner horse too. Time shall tell! One thing is for sure, he is going to win many blue ribbons in the hunter ring, he could easily do dressage too!"