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Where Have All The Cowboys Gone?

Have you ever wondered why the world of horse rescue is a predominately female driven endeavor? Well, so do we! (*Especially* when we're all cycling together!)

Historically, Cowboys tell a fascinating story. They are the legends movies and books are made of. A little boys dream, and a young woman's fantasy. A cowboy's best friend was his horse; you never saw one without the other. They depended on each other for companionship, livelihood and often times, survival. There was an unspoken loyalty, camaraderie, and brotherhood. You steal a man's horse, you paid with your life. It is from this amazing group of men that the fine art of modern day Western riding was born. But are these tales of the true cowboy long gone? Has the modern cowboy really evolved into an hour ride on Sundays with the "husband horse?"

If you think about your friends and neighbors, chances are roughly the same proportions of men and women live with companion animals, are veterinarians, grieve at the loss of pets, and enjoy visiting animal related theme parks....

BUT... when it comes to animal rights and rescue efforts, women by far outnumber the men.

So, we want to hear from our horsemen (and ladies too!). Where are you guys? Did our estrogen induced efforts bully you guys out of horses? We get it, we are emotional and often think too much with our hearts in this industry, but please know your voices need to be heard too. Sometimes, a less-than-emotional approach, thought or insight could really put things into perspective. What is it that turns you off about equine (or other animal) rescue groups? What would make you want to participate?

We are not against holding team meetings at Hooters! just sayin'...

We know there are some rock star men out there who love these animals as much as we do. The guys on our team are amazing and provide us with unique skill, support, ideas and sometimes reality checks (plus they move bales of hay! That alone is priceless). If you're a woman who is involved in rescue, check in with the men in your life. Invite them to like our page. We'd love to see a little more testosterone on the front lines of equine advocacy. Let them know what's going on out there and invite them to come play. We promise we won't go emo-rescue-warrior on them, try to change/fix them, or make them buy us tampons.

Chocolate is encouraged, however. We will happily accept chocolate.