All Creatures Rescue

In the life of rescue, you can't always control what creatures find their way to you, or who you feel pulled to rescue. Many of our team members have roots in Pit Bull rescue, but we are equal-opportunity lovers of all living things. Our escapades have famously landed our founder, Michelle, with Bubbles the Cow in the back of her truck, conducting an 11th hour rescue of our precious pittie Bruce, rattlesnake saving, goat wrangling, bat chasing and whatever else rescue throws at us.  #lovewins

We maintain a seperate budget for our All Creatures rescue efforts. These funds may go toward the purchase/rescue of a non-equine rescue at auction, toward medical or rehabilitation expenses, and in some cases, toward the feed and maintenance costs for our non-equine rescues who are welcomed into our Ambassador program and get to call HiCaliber Home!

HiCaliber Horse Rescue, Inc. is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


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Featured All Creature Rescues

Bubbles is one of our more dramatic (um, hilarious-at-the-expense-of-our-founder-Michelle) rescues. Michelle had an innocent meeting with a colleague to discuss some horses when said colleague informed Michelle (who happens to be secretly terrified of all things moo) that her crew had agreed to rescue a cow! Said bovine was loaded in the back of Michelle's truck and the rest was Facebook viral video history. Watch for yourself!

Since her colorful arrival, Bubbles has became a staple of the ranch and is the official greeter for our twice monthly tours. 


Bruce was rescued by HiCaliber Horse Rescue on Feb 10, 2015 hours before being euthanized. We had seen his photo floating around Facebook, but what we found when we got to the shelter was so much worse. Instead of going to the ranch, he was taken directly to Veterinary Speciality Hospital in San Marcos for emergency intervention.

Bruce bore the signs of being a bait dog, had two broken legs, conjunctivitis in both eyes and had Horner's syndrome. After extensive and drawn-out diagnostics, he was ultimately diagnosed with a heart murmur, anemia, irritable bowel disease and congenital pulmonic stenosis.

The most gentle soul around, Bruce has been so blessed with a village committed to showing him that not all people are bad and that he is worthy of being loved. To learn more about his story and follow updates, visit his Facebook page