Photo credit: Allie BroshContrary to popular belief, every once in awhile we do try adulting around HiCaliber.
In fact, we have adulted super hard in finding ways to raise money through multiple funding streams so we can pay our hay and vet bills, and eventually our auction fund and our Secret Fund for Surgical and Hospital-Bound Horses can have a cushion.
So without further ado, here are all the ways you can help support HiCaliber in one easy spot!

First, the traditional methods (PayPal, address for checks, etc.) if you want to donate just 'cause you feel like being super awesome can be found on our DONATE page! 

For those of you who seek instant gratification in your adulting, here are our PayPal addresses: 

**MAIN PAYPAL - this goes to our general fund, keeps the lights on, the hay stacked and the pedicures ongoing (the horses' feet, not ours).
**SECRET FUND PAYPAL - this goes to the Secret Fund for Surgical and Hospital-Bound Horses, named after a little filly named Secret who wasn't around long enough but made our hearts explode. This fund supports the out-of-the ordinary medical cases. (If you prefer, you can always call San Luis Rey Equine Hospital and help pay our bill directly.)

From the Donate page, you can also....
If a monthly stall sponsorships is too spendy, we have our weekly Coffee Club! For just the weekly price of $5 (the cost of your average fancy coffee) you can feed a horse for a day. Join HiCaliber's not-so-elite Coffee Club with a weekly donation of $5! From the Donate page, simply subscribe to the HCHR Coffee Club.
If you want to help us on a monthly basis, we have Pipe Stall Sponsorships for $250 a month and Medical Barn Stall Sponsorships for $500 a month. From the Donate page, select "Monthly Sponsor" and then "Sponsor our Rescues."

**Get Over Your Ex By Naming a Fly: Want to move on from your ex but don't know how? Sponsor a barn fly by naming it after your ex! We have donors who have done it and it works, so stop wandering around the self-help aisles in the bookstore and do this instead. From the Donate page, select "Subscribe" under "Monthly Sponsor." In the PP notes, please let us know the name of your ex so we can select the appropriate fly.



Want to be decked out like the minion villager you know you are? Shop at the HiCaliber store for hoodies, tanks, mugs, and other cool stuff with our badass logo. Including our "Don't Breed -- ADOPT!" condoms! 


We are looking to get every horse sponsored for their hay and hooves for the summer months. A full sponsorship is $150/month. You can sponsor as little or as much as you'd like, for whatever horse touches your heart. Check out our list of horses seeking their very own Hay or Hoof Hero
Like to shop 'til you drop? HiCaliber Pay is for you. The bottom line is: instantly create and redeem gift cards online or in-store for hundreds of national retailers. Then use the online gift cards to immediately pay for your coffee or your new heels, even at the checkout line. You get a rebate for each purchase, and then you can decide how much of that rebate goes to HiCaliber. Win/win and you were gonna go shopping anyway! (Life is short: Adopt the horse. Buy the shoes.) Visit HiCaliberPay online to learn more! 
Like to shop without leaving the house? Us too. We get it. Why go outside when you can buy the entire world on Amazon while watching reality television and cuddling your dog? Is this you? Amazon Smile is your jam. Just shop via the link below and a portion of your purchase goes to HiCaliber. 
And speaking of health, are you one of those types that actually cares what goes on and in your bod? If so, all the products at Morrocco Method are for you. Their products are sulfate free, synthetic chemical free, raw, vegan and just all around yummy and delish. They have products for humans, canines, equines and felines. (Hats off if you wash your cat! Pictures or it didn't happen).
If that sounds like you, be sure to use THIS link to buy your products and get 12% sent back to HiCaliber:
Finally, don't forget to buy tickets to our inaugural Fireball Friday in Los Angeles! We'll all be there, adulting super hard! Check out the event listing on our page!

If you need a tax letter for your CPA (high level adulting here), please email
Have other ideas for us? Let us know, via a message to the page or an email to