Our Secret Fund for Surgical and Hospital Horses

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She was Victoria's Secret, our little miracle, a precious baby, a truly special, curious, silly filly, and now the tiniest of angels... and in her two months with us she forever changed the way HiCaliber rescues.

In Secret's memory, HiCaliber has created a special fund for adoptable horses currently requiring veterinary intervention in a clinical setting. 


Victoria was a skinny mare when she was rescued on January 26, 2016. Over the next few months, she put on weight, was found to have poor peripheral vision, became bitchy, kicked and was unadoptable. Routine diagnostics were done and her behavior continued to decline. Reluctantly, the Board voted to have her euthanized.

On her final walk, the medical team took notice to a sudden change to Victoria's shape. Following our gut, she was returned to her stall and preg-tested shortly thereafter. Victoria had been hiding a little secret all along, 

Secret was born on May 24, 2016.

She entered this world a perfect little baby. A few short hours later, Secret began to crash. She was immediately stabilized and transported to San Luis Rey Equine Hospital where she was diagnosed with a diaphramatic hernia and underwent emergency surgery, funded immediately by our generous village who wanted her to have a chance at life.

To our amazement, Victoria suddenly became one of the sweetest, most tolerant, patient, safe horses we've ever had in our program. This cautious mare was just trying to protect her baby all along.

Secret's surprise arrival changed HiCaliber's protocols: every single mare rescued from auction is now pregnancy checked. While it becomes an added upfront-cost, it's worth it to ensure the mares and foals get the care they need.

Just as important, Secret marked the first time we were able to rally in grand form for an emergency life-saving surgery. Secret's weeks at SLREH also set the foundation for a strong relationship between HiCaliber and this nationally-recognized equine hospital. 

On August 2, 2016, Secret tragically passed away in her stall, likely the result of a blood clot she passed. In her memory, HiCaliber's hospital fund has been renamed our Secret Fund. Our hearts hurt for the little girl who left us way too soon.

We will never forget our precious girl. She touched all of our lives and will go on to save so many more. 

We thank you for loving her alongside us.

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--Tuffy (diagnostics) $346.50
--Shrek (mandibulectomy) $2038.00
--Jared (crypt castration) $1,224.13
--Dylan (crypt castration) $1,753.80
--Ray (diagnostics and xrays) $801.54
--Viola (impaction colic) $1733.35
--Orion (exam and euthanasia) $633.20
--Wrangler (re-check) $2,032.98
--Rave (seisamoid repair) $4,375
--Tanner (Ecoli dx and treat) $686.66
--Lindell (crypt castration) $2,837.57
--Colin (throad lavage) $2,464.19
--Kasik (endoscopy) $401.51
--Howard (consult) $313.20
--Mercury (tumor removal) $1,306.61

EVERY DONATION MAKES A DIFFERENCE! Many smalls streams make a river and your gift of even $5 will help a horse get the critical care they need.

HiCaliber Horse Rescue, Inc. is a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization. All donations are tax deductible as allowed by law.


HiCaliber recognizes the level of veterinary intervention we provide the horses in our care is unprecedented among many other rescues. We strive to give every horse rescued by us a fighting chance if there's one to be had. Please consider taking this opportunity to share HiCaliber – and the extraordinary level of care we afford our horses – with your own village! 

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