Q & A with our Founder, Michelle Cochran

We encourage people to ask questions... and there are some we see quite often! Following are a few of the more regular questions we receive and our answers to them.

Q: "Some of your adoption prices seem quite high. Why are your adoption fees so much higher than some other rescues I've seen?"

A: If you hang around our website or Facebook page long enough you will see we don't cut corners with care. We get full dental, chiropractic, hoof work, shots, de-worming and resolve any medical needs that need to be taken care of before adopting, as well as put months of training into them if needed. We spend far more on the care of our horses than we ever see in adoption costs, but we have to do our best to make up the money where we can. With that said, we have many innovative adoption programs such as the "Name Your Price" and companion horses that are adopted out for $1. We try hard to be self funded as much as possible through training, adoption fees and sales of shirts etc. 

Q: "Do you adopt out of state?"

A: We will do whatever is in the best interest of the horse! We strive to keep our horses local to Southern California so that we an always be a safety net if something were to go wrong. There are just far too many variables that can pop up and the father away an animal is, the more difficult and expensive it is to intervene or help them if something went wrong. We put our heart and soul into these horses and the fear of failing them in any way haunts us. Our loyalty is to the horse and we need to be able to protect them when needed. With that said, we do have a global village and if we have an out-of-state adopter that is in the best interest of the horse to be considered, we always will. 

New questions and answers will be added regularly. Check back often to find answers to questions you didn't even know you had!Have a question you'd like to see answered here? Email us!